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Download DRAINS

You can download the DRAINS program to update an existing installation or to try out the demo version, which includes ARR 2019. The demo version is exactly the same as the full version except that it is limited to a maximum of 5 pipes or channels and 1 irregular channel. You will need a password to update an existing full installation. DRAINS runs under Windows 98 through Windows 10.  Most dongles will run both the 32 and 64 bit versions of DRAINS.  The 64 bit version is recommended if you have a 64 bit version of Windows. 

For all dongles except old black UniKeys, Click here to download the DRAINS 64 bit version DrainsSetup64.exe (33MB) .  After downloading, shut down DRAINS if it is running, then run this file to install DRAINS.

The current version of DRAINS is 2020.041 - 21 July 2020

The old black Unikey dongles will only run the 32 bit version of DRAINS. Please email Watercom at info@watercom.com.au for further download instructions.

DRAINS Licensing

DRAINS requires valid licensing files 'Drains.duc' and 'Drains.txt' to be located in 'C:\ProgramData\Drains'. You can find these files included on your USB received when purchasing DRAINS, or in an email from Watercom when renewing updates and support.

If you cannot find your licensing files, you have a black Unikey dongle, or if you need the 32 bit version of DRAINS please contact Watercom on 02 6649 8005 or info@watercom.com.au.

DRAINS User Manual

The DRAINS User Manual has been superseded by the DRAINS Help System accessible from the DRAINS program, which contains more current information on using DRAINS.

Download Network Dongle Drivers and Various Spreadsheets 

You can download various Spreadsheets and drivers for HASP dongles.

Click here to be transfered to the Kustom Engineering Downloads page, where you can download the latest versions of the Drains Utility, Generic Pit & Overflow Route Generator Spreadsheets. 

Click here and select the Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer to download the HASP driver.