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Welcome to Watercom's customer support service. Watercom Pty Ltd is a software development company specialising in stormwater drainage and water supply. This web site is intended to provide information and support for our programs PIPES, PIPES++ and DRAINS. 


DRAINS is a Stormwater Drainage System design and analysis program widely used in Australia and gaining recognition internationally. The demo version of this program is limited to a maximum of 5 pipes and is available from the Download page.

Users can draw drainage system components such as sub-catchments, pits, pipes, detention basins, channels and overflow routes. Several Hydrological models are available including IL-CL (the ARR 2019 preferred model), Horton ILSAX, Rational & Extended Rational Method models, and a Storage Network Routing Module that includes RORB, RAFTS and WBNM.

First software to incorporate ARR Design Procedures & BOM 2016 IFDs (January 2017)

The DRAINS program can design and analyse stormwater drainage systems and produce summary graphs and tables, and pipe long section drawings. The image shown above is an example of the ARR 2019 1% AEP, 1 hour burst storm 6 temporal pattern including the imported NSW OEH transformational preburst rainfall to calculate Probability Neutral Burst Initial Losses (26.1mm for this storm).  

DRAINS Licensing

DRAINS is available as a perpetual license. You can choose 20, 50 or Unlimited link versions. The versions available are:

• DRAINS Lite 20 Links*
• DRAINS 20 Links
• DRAINS 50 Links
• DRAINS Unlimited Links
• DRAINS Network Unlimited Links

Click here to request a quote: info@watercom.com.au

A link is a pipe, channel, pump, orifice link or weir link.

All DRAINS Licensing includes the ARR 2019 Initial Loss - Continuing Loss (IL-CL) and Horton (ILSAX) hydrological models, and are capable of analysing ARR 2019 temporal patterns and design procedures, including NSW OEH Probability Neutral Burst Initial Loss requirements for NSW.

A Network version of DRAINS allows the licensed number of users access to DRAINS from anywhere on your network.

* 'Lite' refers to any license without the Full unsteady hydraulic model.

DRAINS Capabilities

DRAINS solves the full unsteady flow equations in pipes, channels and overflow routes. This is useful for analysing complex surface flooding situations where storage or backwater effects occur in overflow routes, or when splitting surface flows in multiple directions via multiple outgoing overflow routes.

Pumps, weirs and orifices can be modelled as separate objects allowing for complex arrangements (e.g. multi-level orifice outlets from detention basins or pit diversion chambers, or overland flow diversions across the crown of a road). It also includes a flood mapping capability (in the DRAINS help system search for Flood Mapping for more information).


The DRAINS Lite version solves the full unsteady flow equations for pipes and channels, but only uses the Manning’s Equation for overflow routes which does not allow for back water or ponding effects.

This can be suitable for small inter-allotment style projects, or when it is clear that the Manning’s equation is adequate. Other suitable uses for the Lite version may include modelling a simple detention basin with a single low-level outlet. Weir and orifice links are not available and only a single overland flow route can be modelled leaving a pit.

Additional Modules

There are three additional modules:

i) The Storage Network Routing Module that adds the RORB, RAFTS and WBNM storage routing hydrological models, useful when modelling large urban or rural sub-catchment areas where estimating the time of concentration with time area routing might be difficult. DRAINS RAFTS does not rely on XP Rafts and is not affected by the discontinuation of XP Rafts by Innovyze.

ii) The GIS Module which is useful where you need to interface with GIS systems that support ESRI shapefiles or Mapinfo MID/MIF files. This module allows transfer of data and results between DRAINS and GIS.

iii) The Rational + Extended Rational Method Hydrological Module.

Upgrading Existing Licenses

Existing DRAINS & DRAINS Lite licenses can be upgraded with more links and modules. Contact us with your licensing details to obtain a quote.
Click here to request a quote: info@watercom.com.au

Updates and Support

DRAINS come with 12 months of updates and support. Ongoing updates and support is available if required after that time. If your updates and support has expired, click here to request a quote: info@watercom.com.au.


Example of Detention Basin using Orifice & Weir Links utilising the Full Unsteady Hydraulic Model

Upcoming Workshops & E-Learning

Workshops on DRAINS are presented by Kustom Engineering.   Public workshops are currently on hold due to COVID-19. As an alternative, live webinars have been presented since March 2020 and online E-Learning since August 2020. Please see www.kustomengineering.com.au for more details. 

For further information please contact info@watercom.com.au
or Phone 612 6649 8005 (International), or (02) 6649 8005 (within Australia)