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Installation Trouble Shooting

Common installation issues:

• "It appears that your updates and support have expired and you are not authorised to install this version of DRAINS"

Your'Drains.duc' and 'Drains.txt' license files are out of date. If you have current updates and support, you need to first update these with your current license files before installing DRAINS. Remove the license files if you want to install the Demo version of DRAINS.

• You have your DRAINS USB dongle plugged in but receive the message "This is the demonstration version of DRAINS"

You do not have the 'Drains.duc' and 'Drains.txt' license files located in 'C:\ProgramData\Drains'.

You can contact Watecom on the following links for further support:

You cannot find your licensing files
Upgrade a black Unikey dongle for Windows 10
Replace a broken or lost dongle
You need the 32 bit version of DRAINS

or email us directly at info@watercom.com.au

Recommended PC Specifications

DRAINS is a CPU intensive application that has been optimised to utilise 64-bit Multi-Threading processors. Since ARR's release of ensemble temporal pattern analysis in 2016, the demand on the CPU has increased by a factor of 10. For the best performance it is recommended to use a modern desktop CPU with multiple cores and hyper-threading, such as an Intel i7 10700K (8 Cores/16 Threads) or an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X (8 Cores/16 Threads). 8GB of ram is OK for most model sizes, however, 16GB is recommended for running multiple applications simultaneously.

Although laptops are often sold with 'Intel i7' CPUs, it is important to understand if it is an Ultra Low power i7 (typically a CPU name including 'U' or 'G'), Extremely Low Power i7 (CPUs with a 'Y') or the recommended High Performance / Desktop Replacement i7 CPUs (typically with a 'H','HQ' or 'HK'). Although an ultrabook CPU should still be up to the task, it will likely generate excess heat and take significantly longer to complete an analysis.

Users should also consider utilising the 'Individual Storms' function to speed up model run times during preliminary model analysis. Search for 'Individual Storms' in the DRAINS Help Index.